u kno u wanna hit this!

...who wouldnt?!

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this is all u need to kno...
The people in charge:

Stephanie (Cookies n Cream) she will bust a cap in yo ass...wit her sideways squirtgun
quote: "im not here yet! i will call u when i get here k?"- steph

Carli (Mint Chocolate Chip) this is the mutha effin GANGSTA...
quote: "i am too gangta to have a quote"

Mallory (Peppermint Stick) is the effin shizz...everyone should genuflect before her, she is briliant...
quote: "...i wonder if there are a lot of italians in italy.....I MEAN CHICAGO! CHICAGO!" - mal

Petra (Strawberry Lemon) better watch her...she'll steal ur lunch money!
quote: "mike is so emo, he needs to personalities to contain it all" - petra

Honerary members:

Zach (Gummy Bear) this fool is so crazy he thinks he is asian...crazy mutha fackin white boiiii...
quote: "if you are ever rollin in the hood and need someone to get your back he is there for you" -zach

Rachel (Neapolitan) crazay azz beeeotch who had gone cross eyed from droppin it like its hawt!
quote: "We don't eat salad forks, they're not our people" -rachel

we are the ice cream crusaders....if we like you..most likly u have ice cream named after you...if we likED(past tense) you and gave u an ice cream name...we prolly melt it now whenever we see it..anywho...we all came together and now we are like super hero's!!!!!!!!! its kind of a cross between captain planet and the power rangers...rawr!